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Wedding Planning Checklist 8 Weeks to Wedding Day

Okay now you are down to weeks before your wedding day. Planning is critical now to ensure you don't forget anything.  Use this checklist to help you plan the final details of your special day.



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Six to Eight Weeks Before The Wedding

__ Mail invitations, do this at eight weeks, to allow time for R.S.V.P.'s

__ Check on marriage license (if church or wedding location does not provide)

__ If creating your own wedding vows, start writing them

__ Final check on personal wedding accessories (shoes, jewellery, socks, etc)

__ If traditional wedding, select something old, something new and something borrowed

Two to Six Weeks Before The Wedding

__ Invite wedding party and other appropriate guest to rehearsal dinner

__ If not already done, purchase thank you gifts for wedding party

__ Final fittings

__ Book hair appointments

__ Finalize wedding readings and other ceremony details with person who is performing your wedding

__ Confirm headcount for reception

__ Create seating plan for reception, including head table

__ Pick up wedding bands

__ Keep a record of wedding gifts you receive and begin to write thank you notes

One Week Before The Wedding

__ Grooms don't forget a hair cut

__ Finalize seating plan and make place cards

__ Pack a separate bag for your wedding night

__ Double check with photographer, caterers, musicians, florist, transportation, etc

__ If you have any special requests of pictures you want taken, write a list and give it to your wedding photographer

__ Give your caterer a final number of guests that will be attending

The Day Before The Wedding

__ Attend rehearsal and dinner. Pass out wedding party gifts.

__ Any decorations, wedding favors or other items for wedding location and reception should be dropped off.

__ Arrange to have the mother of the groom seated 5 minutes before the ceremony

__ Arrange to have the mother of the bride seated just before the wedding procession

__ Make sure all your attire is ready

__ Spend time with your family. This is an emotional time for families. Enjoy them today

__ Put together money envelopes for services provided on your wedding day (example, minister, singer, etc)

The Day of the Wedding

__ Give yourself plenty of time, get up early

__ Make sure you eat

__ Bride, put your engagement ring on your right hand

Don't sweat the small stuff, go with the flow, enjoy your day,
Remember Your Memories are Your Jewels.