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Wedding Planning Checklist 12 - 6 Months Prior

A checklist ensures that you don't forget any details. With so many details to remember, you really need a checklist. Print the following checklist, and put it in your binder. This checklist gives you an easy reference to ensure you are on track twelve to six months prior to your wedding date.



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Nine to Twelve Months Before The Wedding

__ Buy a binder, put this list in it, and make notes as you go

__ Insert a calendar in your binder to keep track of appointments

__ Announce your engagement family, friends, newspaper

__ Decide if you want an engagement party, if so, set a date and place

__ Determine your wedding budget (this will help determine number of guests, size of wedding party, type of reception, and other details)

__ Decide on who will be in your wedding party

__ Select and book where the wedding will be held

__ Decide on a photographer and book your wedding date

__ Have your engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer

__ Decide on where your reception will be held

__ Decide if you will have a DJ or a live band at the wedding reception, and then book one

__ Decide if you want a videographer, your photographer may know a good one

__ Start thinking about what type of flowers you want, and list the florists that are available in your area

Six to Nine Months Before The Wedding

__ Plan your wedding color scheme (need this for dresses, flowers, decorations)

__ Start shopping for wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses

__ Don't forget shoes, and jewellery for that special day

__ Book grooms tuxedo and grooms party's clothing

__ Start planning your honeymoon (budget, where, for how long)

__ Start looking at wedding invitations

__ Finalize your guest list

__ Reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel or resort for any out of town guests

__ Select and book music for wedding and for reception

__ Consider flower arrangements, and choose your florist

__ Set up a wedding register

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