Who Should You Tell First?

  Who Should You Tell First?
By C Pulsifer, 2007

Hurray, you are engaged. You may have known about this special day long before it happened, or it may be a total surprise for you. Regardless, you're happy; you're engaged to the person of your dreams.

Once you have accepted your marriage proposal, whom do you tell? Some people want to shout it from the rooftop, while others would prefer to keep it quiet.

But, there is a protocol for whom to tell and when. You wouldn't want your parents or your best friend to hear about this special event from someone else, would you?

If you or your partner have children, tell the children first. You may find they might be a bit apprehensive and may not share the joy you are feeling. Recognize that the children may have fears that they are losing you. Reassure them, and understand the feelings they may be experiencing.

Your next stop would be to your parents, and your partner's parents. Your parents have raised both of you to be the people that you are. They deserve to know as soon as possible.

Then, inform your brothers and sisters. After all, if they were newly engaged, wouldn't you want to hear it from them.

And, of course, your grandparents, and, any close relatives.

Then, you should tell close friends; especially the friends who you are considering to be in your wedding party.

Something to think about:

Traditionally the parents of the bride, (it could be the grooms parents) may want to publish an announcement regarding your engagement in the local paper. Usually, this announcement contains:

- Bride and grooms name
- where you are both from
- where you reside (city)
- parents names
- wedding date

Many times an engagement photo is submitted along with the announcement. You may want to start thinking about your photo. Do you want it taken inside or outside? Do you want to dress formally or informally? Do you want just a headshot or a full body shot?


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