Planning Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your special day or helping plan the special day of someone you love, tips, hints and helpful suggestions are always taken into consideration.  You may find a few of these articles to give you just that!


Wedding Planning Tips - You can never get enough tips from people who have planned a wedding before.  These tips could save you from making big mistakes.

Who Should You Tell First - Sometimes figuring out who to tell first is not an easy task!  Allow us to help make that hard decision!

Next Step Get Organized - Organization is the key to planning any successful wedding!

Wedding Planning Checklist - A checklist is a helpful way to stay organized.  Allow our checklist to help you stay organized and not miss a thing.

Your Wedding Budget - The biggest thing that needs to be considered is how much money to spend.  A budget is the best way to make sure you don't spend more than you can handle!

Maid of Honor Responsibilities - Find out what you will really be asking of your maid of honor.  This will be a helpful article for maid of honors who aren't sure of their responsibilities.

Best Man Responsibilities - Being the best man is more than just throwing a bachelor party, help your best man stay on track!



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