Inspirational Marriage Sayings

What makes a good marriage? Let these inspirational marriage sayings help you decide on that. Here is our growing list of marriage sayings and quotes for your to enjoy. We hope you find the words inspirational and share them with others. 


Marriages are made in heaven and are consummated on earth.
Author Unknown

The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make not just on your wedding day, but over and over again and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.
Barbara De Angelis

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin

Don't smother each other. No one can grow in shade.
Leo Buscaglia

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.
Simone Signoret

Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day.
Barbara De Angelis

Love seems the swiftest but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.
Mark Twain

When a marriage works, nothing on earth can take its place.
Helen Gahagan Douglas

You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without.
Author Unknown

A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.
Andre Maurois

A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.
Pearl S. Buck

Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends."
Harville Hendrix



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more inspirational marriage sayings:
Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.
Barnett R. Brickner

A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.
Dave Meurer

What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.
Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.
Doug Larson

Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins.
Langdon Mitchell

One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.
Judith Viorst

It takes a loose rein to keep a marriage tight.
John Stevenson

The love we have in our youth is superficial compared to the love that an old man has for his old wife.
Will Durant

"There is a French saying: ''Love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love.''
De Finod

"A marriage is a gift. It should be opened up and enjoyed."
Greg Evans

"A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love."

Pearl S. Buck


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