Get Great Wedding Day Pictures

  How To Get Great Wedding Day Pictures
By Julie Butler, (c) 2007

Weddings never run on time, this is a fact. But, that doesn't mean that the important parts of the wedding need to be rushed. Expect delays in your day and try and plan for things to run late.
The best way to get great pictures during those incredible moments that you know you want is to take your time. Walking down the isle, your first kiss as husband and wife, these are examples of those sometime rushed moments.

Take your time, look at your photographer at least once and enjoy yourselves. You don't always want to be looking at your photographer. Your photographer needs to also get natural shots of the two of you and your family. On the other hand, don't ignore your photographer because you don't just want to end up with all candid pictures. It's very hard for the photographer to ask the two of you to stop and smile as you are coming down the isle. Most of the time, the photographer will be waiting for you to turn in their direction. You don't need to stop; just give them a glance here and there.

If lots of different poses and family shots are what you're looking for, you should plan for one and one half to two hours for the formal pictures. This can be done faster, but you might not give all the pictures you want. Or, you might get all the pictures you want but only a few different poses. Other than planning for the time needed for photos, the other thing you can do to make sure no picture is missed is to write down every picture you want. For example, bride and mother, bride and both brides' parents, bride and groom with brides' parents, etc. Don't forget, you may also be able to get some great shots taken before or after the official celebrations. When the bride is having their hair and make-up done, for example, other members of the bridal party may be simply sat waiting, or playing games like cheeky bingo to pass the time. Instead, you could use this time to get some great shots of your bridesmaids before the actual ceremony.  As the pictures are being taken, the photographer can check off each picture you want. If this list is given to the photographer ahead of time, the photographer can organize it to make it flow better possibly saving time in the long run. There is so much that goes on in a wedding, it is very hard to get every single picture. But, there are things we can do to minimize missed pictures.

When picking out your dresses and tuxes and even the flowers, keep in mind the different things that can be done with your pictures.

For example, if your flowers are very bright and vibrant verses white flowers, photographers can shoot you in black and white and make your flowers coloured.

This affect makes a unique and interesting picture.

If engagement pictures are offered as part of your package, take it - it's a great way to find out how your photographer works and to get to know each other. Feeling comfortable with your photographer is very important in making your pictures look natural. If you've never worked with your photographer before and find that you are timid or shy the day of your wedding, it will show in your pictures. You won't look or act like yourself.

Always remember that your photographer is usually on a timer. They usually have a set number of hours that they are obligated to be with you. Most photographers won't just up and leave because their time is up, and you still haven't had a chance to cut your cake, or dance your first dance as man and wife. But, you do need to be conscious of wasted time. This wasted time, for example, is the time that the photographer is waiting for different events to happen.
Try to plan for things to run after each other. For example, at your reception, try to keep things moving, the announcements, speeches, cutting of the cake, and first dances. Once all the important things are taken care of, the photographer is free to leave the reception and start working on your pictures.

After the wedding day comes the hard part. The photographer has to carefully review every picture and pick the best ones, make adjustments to them and look at special effects. This review can take a few months of work just from one wedding. It is possible for it to be done sooner, but the longer you allow your photographer to work on your pictures the better they will turn out. If you rush the photographer, they will not be able to do the best touchup jobs, or add as many special effects. These little extra touches that are done to your pictures are what makes them so special and unique.

So, when it comes down to it, the rule of thumb to remember is to take your time. This day will only happen once, and you don't want to see it rush by.


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