Next Step, Get Organized

  Next Step, Get Organized
By C Pulsifer, 2007

Now, everyone knows about your engagement. Your wedding day may be a year or more away, but you need to get organized no matter when your wedding date.

The planning that goes into a wedding needs to be detailed. If you properly plan, you will have a wonderful wedding.

And, because there are so many things to remember, writing down your plans, ideas and thoughts can help organize your mind.

There is a Proverb that says,
"The palest ink is better than the best memory."

How true that is! With so many details to keep track of, you could easily forget an important one. So, write it down.

Get yourself a three-ring binder, or a scribbler with tabs already in it. Divide the binder into sections.

Examples of some of the sections may be:

  • budget
  • photography
  • guest list
  • reception
  • honey moon
  • clothing (bride and groom)
  • location of wedding
  • the list can go on and on

Faithfully update your binder, adding new items as you think of them. Note details of items that you have taken care of.

The last thing you need as you plan for your wedding is more stress. Forgetting that one item, or leaving it too late can cause you unnecessary stress.

You want the memories of your wedding, and the days leading up to that big day to be happy ones, not stressful ones.

And remember, this is your wedding and your partners wedding both of you should be involved in the planning. This is not just the brides responsibility, nor is it just the grooms responsibility.

Like the rest of your life together both parties should take responsibility to ensure you have a wonderful wedding.

Use our Wedding Planning Checklist to help you remember all that needs to be done.


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