Best Man Responsibilities


Best Man Responsibilities
By C. Pulsifer, © 2007

You’re the best man! You are honored to have been asked. But, what are your responsibilities?

Here is a list of some of the things the Best Man does for the Groom.


You may want to talk it over with the Groom to see if he agrees, or if there are other things he would like you to do.
  • Organizes the bachelor party
  • Drives the Groom to the wedding ceremony
  • Brings the brides' wedding band to the ceremony
  • Gives the officiate the fee immediately before of after the ceremony ( the groom should give this to you in an envelope before leaving for the church)
  • Returns the Grooms tuxedo after the wedding
  • Makes sure the wedding gifts are moved to the parents home after the wedding reception
  • Helps the Groom get ready for the ceremony
  • Holds the Brides wedding band during the ceremony
  • Signs the wedding certificate as a witness
  • Escorts the Maid of Honor in the recessional
  • Poses for pictures with the groom before and after the wedding
  • Gives the first toast at the reception
  • Assists in gathering the wedding party for photographs
  • Helps decorate the honeymoon car (you may or may not want to discuss this with the groom)

As Best Man, you help the Groom with whatever needs to be done. In addition to being the best, you are his right hand man, do whatever you can to ensure his wedding day is a success.


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