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Have you ever wanted to live your passion, do what you do so that others may continue to enjoy the “moment” forever?

Julie is fortunate enough to be in that career. For her, photography isn’t just about taking a picture; it’s more about
capturing a special moment in time that expresses the true meaning of remembering – moments in time never to be forgotten.



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Julie Hebert began capturing special moments over ten years ago. These moments of memorable images included portraits, candid shots, pets, or that unforgettable scene only Mother Nature could create.

With passion as fuel, Julie expanded her talent and technique by studying with the prestigious New York Institute of Photography. She is now a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.

Julie's style of photography is a mix between Traditional and Illustrative Photography.  She loves to capture natural moments by putting her subjects in an interesting setting, giving them subtle directions and encouraging them to interact as if she were not there.  This still gives a "candid" feel but in a more artistic way rather than just capturing a series of candid moments.  When the need for a more traditional photo is best suited, she switches gears into traditional poses to capture that special memory.

When it comes to weddings it is sometimes hard to pin point an exact style of photography.  As Illustrative photography is her favourite to shoot, there are times that traditional is better suited and there are times that reportage, also known as photojournalism, is better suited.  For an example of how Julie would shoot your wedding, see below:

A Typical Wedding Timeline:


Bride getting ready - Reportage Photography (some traditional shots may be taken here)



Groom getting ready - Reportage Photography (some traditional shots may be taken here)



Ceremony - Reportage Photography


Recessional - Reportage Photography (some traditional shots may be taken here)



Formal Family Portraits - Traditional Photography (assistant would be taking some reportage shots here)


Bride, Groom & Bridal Party Portraits - Illustrative Photography






Reception - Reportage Photography



Of course, every wedding is different and timelines will be unique to each individual wedding, so take this example as just an example.  When booking with Julie, it is good to discuss exactly the style that you are looking for.  This way you are sure to get the type of photos you want. 

Julie looks forward to making "your memories jewels".